Dancing in a red barn Saturday, Mar 12 2016 


You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever! (Psalm 30:11, 12 ESV)

My friend has a new red barn. She likes to dance; no, she loves to dance. She plans to host dances in her barn. Hopefully we will get to dance in her barn. Dancing is just a form of movement—-that’s all it is. I’ve taught “aerobic” classes in the past and many, many women have said to me “I can’t dance”. It was always fun to “break down” the movements and teach them how to dance. But it was more fun watching them succeed and feel comfortable and confident in their movement. plus, the added benefit of achieving their fitness/health goal was highly rewarding for both the student and the teacher. To go through a dreary or terrible time in our lives and then have the Great Teacher take us dancing is nothing but miraculous and wonderful. He does remove our sorrows and loosens those mourning clothes. He does give us gladness and He does give us songs to sing His praise when He does turn our mourning into dancing. Thank You Lord for bodies you created to dance and for teaching us how to dance and for friends to dance with, and for red barns.


simply devotions Monday, Jan 4 2016 

the fitness industry encourages us to consider the whole being, i.e.,  body, mind and spirit, in relationship to our health. there is much to be read in the bible about the body, the mind and the spirit.  i enjoy finding such connections in God’s Word.  i’m planning in 2016 to blog simple devotions with this thought in mind. i will post a scripture and note the spiritual and physical/or mental connection. my goal is one a week, with some weeks more and maybe, some less:) I’m not big on new year’s resolutions.  but i do like setting realistic goals, whether at the beginning of a new year or within the year.   i hope  simply devos will help motivate you, along  with encourage you along your journey of health and fitness.IMG_0556

this past year one of my close friends encouraged seven of us to read the bible in its entirety.  i thoroughly enjoyed this venture in 2015.  i would encourage you to do the same this year.  its not too late to start; doesn’t have to be jan1-dec31. there are several bibles and plans available online or at your local christian bookstore. another friend is reading 10 pages a day in her bible with other friends to complete within a year’s time. others have read the individual books at a time. many people have read the entire bible without any guides or structured reading.  however fits for you i would encourage you to read God’s Word.  it is life! and, i am certain you will also find a physical, mental and spiritual connection in your journey.



aging health/abundant living….for all ages!!! Friday, Mar 13 2015 

aging health and abundant living how to’s:

play, read, use your brain, learn something new, join a class, take a Bible study, go to church and keep going, eat good foods, drink lots of water, ride your bike, visit with your neighbor, create something, finish a task left undone, forgive, make new friend, smile at the next person you see, work on your posture, join a book club, practice deep core breathing, stop smoking, drink a glass of water instead of eating another snack, learn a new game,  practice your balance, move, move, move, move more,  get outside, go barefoot(slowly and cautiously at first), stretch, listen to music, help a friend, walk to the store(walk home:), play an instrument, clean out your closet, walk, hike, swim, check a book out of your library, paint a picture, if can sit on the floor, sit on the ground outside(make sure there is someone or something to help you up if need), practice sitting on floor, run, walk fast, walk slow, walk up a hill, walk slowly down, walk sideways, walk backwards, walk outside, walk inside, stand, sit some, learn about lifting correctly(where is that back, butt, shoulders, head suppose to be), go to the lake, dance, move, move, move and move and yes, rest!

set yourself a goal to age active and strong.  simply begin today.

In 1955, at 65 years old colonel sanders(kentucky fried chicken), confident of the quality of his fried chicken, devoted himself to developing his chicken franchising business.

Straight feet, simply… Friday, Apr 4 2014 

and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed. (Hebrews 12:13 ESV)

Feet and straight paths……WOW, I want to says thanks to the One who not only created feet but uses them as a physical example that ‘aligns’ with a spiritual truth in His Word. Katy Bowman is a bio- mechanist who applies physiology in an applicable, understandable, and anatomically correct lifestyle. This lifestyle is functional and helpful to a person walking through his/her day(athletes included). She recommends aligning the outside of your feet on a straight line(basically). With this comes work in other areas for those with habitual misalignment but with feet aligned on “straight path” the ankle lines up under knees, under hips, under shoulders and therefore loads in the body are properly carried as muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, etc.etc can perform better because everything is in place. Sounds easy???…it does take practice “walking straight” everyday in both our spiritual and physical lives….we are not perfect but perfection we seek. Check out the end of hebrews 11 about being made perfect….

Ugh,oh….somebody needs to practice walking a straight path….sand, snow, powder on bottom of your feet to check out your path….Image

FIT TIP: drink water everyday Friday, Apr 19 2013 

fit tip:  adequate fluid per day—1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces.  scott josephson, m.s., r.d. women, weight and results, 2012.

one ugly gym Monday, Jul 9 2012 

where do you workout?  you can workout in the same place every time or workout at a different place each time.  the body can move pretty much anywhere and, even without equipment it alone bears enough weight to offer not only a great cardio but also a great resistance workout. although, equipment does help and also provides an aspect of motivation ( for info on basic home gym equipment check out my earlier blog april 21, 2011 titled my home gym.)
workouts in—— the latest, greatest gym  or on the beach, in the park, in a barn(my latest and tons of fun experience), in a downtown office, on a mountain, or a hill, in your den, at your work gym, in your home gym, at your apartment workout facility or subdivision gym, in a warehouse, convention center, hotel gym or hotel room, on a trail, at the lake, at school, on a big boat, in a little boat, at a resort, in a pretty temperature controlled garage or the ugliest of garages(see my garage in picture) —–are all great places to  achieve your goals.  pick a place, or several places, and get to work–email if you’d like to workout in  my ugly gym….jones10144@cox.net

thank You Lord for—– Wednesday, Nov 2 2011 

today i am thankful to the Lord for so many, many things—-one of which is a body in which He created for work and play.  it’s pretty cool to think about all that the human body is capable of doing.  i’m not sure we were made to actually exercise but since we don’t each have a garden anymore guess i should be thankful we can go to the gym or outside or to my garage, or yours.  yes, i am thankful for exercise and also for the joy that comes upon completion and  especially i am thankful for you!!!

for the past few novembers we have put a cloth tablecloth on our dining room table along with permanent markers.  i’m sure i stole this idea from some clever, thankful person.  i wish i would have stolen it when our kids were little—they would have loved being able to write and draw on the dining room tablecloth.  we enjoy reading the thankful thoughts our family and friends write on our tablecloth.   i am thankful for —-

PRAYFIT–a review Tuesday, Jul 12 2011 

PRAYFIT is a book written by jimmy pena about exercise, nutritional health and faith.  it is a  28 day guide for individuals or groups.  i have used this book as a reference through this summer’s fitness camp.  we are in the last week of the camp.  IT IS HOT IN TULSA!!!!   AND, these women have done an amazing job.  we have found the devotionals very inspiring.  Isn’t it awesome how God’s Word always fits.  in pena’s book he teaches correct form, gives some nutritional tips,  good recipes and emphasizes prayer as a part of a healthy workout.  with help from his pastor friend, jimmy page, he lays out a foundation of faith to be used in spiritual exercise/growth.  pena’s program in this book is strictly strength training but he does recommend adding an endurance segment which we did.  he offers a workout that can be done simultaneously by all levels of exercisers, whether beginning or one who has been working out for years. it also is one that can be done anywhere(like my dirty garage) and doesn’t require equipment—just your body and maybe a mat if the floor is not appealing.

pena also gives a second month of structured plan for exercise and he has a meal plan in the book.   it has been fun to use his book as a tool of motivation to make it through 28 days of summer heat in tulsa.  grab a friend and do the same or give me a call and i will be happy to train you through exercise and prayer together.

pedometers Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 

of all the “tools of this trade”  i think a pedometer is one of the best.  it easy to use and basically reliable, especially considering it’s costs.  it is also a great source of motivation to move. 

i recommend that you wear one for a day just to see how many steps you take.  from there you can set a goal of how many steps  you would like to take in a day or how many during a work out.  most pedometers come with information for goal setting.  my ipod has a pedometer which is “way cool”.  i have figured out how to use this ipod pedometer but still need my son’s free instructional remaining 55 minutes of the hour he gave me for my birthday on “how to use your ipod mom” to learn how to use the other ipod features.  pedometers don’t typically come with free help but they do come with very easy to understand and use instructions.  basically you step and the pedometer counts the step(stride).  it may miss some and it may give you an extra here and there but overall they are pretty predictable, with a fairly low margin of error.

basically you take 2,000 steps per mile.  6,000 steps per day are recommended for health and 10,000 for weight loss.  be sure to wear your pedometer correctly to get the most accurate count.  it should be hip level above right knee, facing forward.  some pedometers have guides that talk about stride, some describe steps and some use these words interchangeably.  such a simple tool—doesn’t matter whether it describes counting steps or your stride—just walk and let it count.

you can find info online with a tool called Pedometer Google Map.  check it out—-you can compare your pedometer’s actual count of your route with this tool for accuracy.

if you would like to take a walk using my pedometer before you buy one i would be happy to share it for about 6,000 to 10,000 steps—-come walk with me—-