FIT TIP: breath through your nose Monday, Jun 29 2015 

fit tip: throughout your day intentionally practice breathing in through your nose and out through your nose and sometimes your mouth. one detriment to mouth breathing is lowering the amount of oxygen your body gets. for the “trillion” other detriments google benefits of nose breathing. there are A LOT of benefits and health reasons to breath through your nose.


FIT TIP: water, all year around Thursday, Nov 20 2014 

Fit tip: drink 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces daily. So “if” I weigh 140 pounds I should drink 70 ounces of water a day.  just because its winter, we need to continue drinking water—see jan 2012 blog titled winter water.

FIT TIP: want to lower your blood pressue?? Thursday, Oct 9 2014 

fit tip: want to lower your blood pressure? train your alignment(ears over shoulders over hips over knees over heels), walk 30 minutes a day(with arms by sides palms facing in), incorporate low to moderate strength training and stretch, stretch, stretch. oh, and breathe—-NO HOLDING YOUR BREATH while doing anything.

FIT TIP: unplug and go for a walk Friday, Jun 13 2014 

fit tip:  “Overuse of electronic media elevates stress and reduces concentration and productivity(archer 2013. IDEA fitness journal).” Get outside, take a walk, take several without attachments…

FIT TIP: increase lean muscle tissue Wednesday, Apr 3 2013 

fit tip: at rest one pound of lean muscle tissue burns 35-50 calories and one pound of fat burns 2 calories.  pick up some weights today:)

FIT TIP: chew, chew and chew Tuesday, Nov 6 2012 

fit tip: thoroughly chewing food improves digestion and increases release of gut hormones that reduce our hunger……enjoy each bite while savoring your food.

FIT TIP: smoking, not a friend Monday, Jul 16 2012 

fit tip:  Smoking is blamed for the following:  early skin aging, 70% of all chronic diseases, low HDL-C(good cholesterol), depression, fatigue, poor bone health and worst of all for us girls CVD(cardiovascular disease). A cigarette, at any age, is not a friend. Do yourself and second-handers a healthy favor:  stop smoking and help others to stop.

FIT TIP: exercise form critical Tuesday, Jul 3 2012 


FIT TIP: eat breakfast Wednesday, May 2 2012 

fit tip: research suggests that breakfast eaters weigh less and suffer from fewer chronic diseases than people who skip breakfast (Timlin & Pereira 2007).

FIT TIP: handweights Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 

fit tip:  hand weights can be a few ounces off either higher or lower in amount of weight.  so, when your workout includes hand weights just alternate the weights you are using on alternating sets.  and, it may help to mark one with permanent marker to help remember which one was in the right hand first—– 

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