imagei long to see you that i may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong–
that is, that you and i may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.  Romans 1:11-12.

the word strength is found many times in the bible. He wants us to be strong, but i dont think He expects us to be strong in ourselves. He gives us gifts to strengthen us and to share with others. The Lord empowers us as He did his disciples.(acts 1:8) Jesus and his disciples did move. Jesus didn’t wave a magic wand and the disciples moved. They had to go out, they had to fail , they had to get back up and keep moving. God empowers us but we squander this if we aren’t willing to take the step forward. we dont “just get strong”. it looks like strong people “just get strong” or that they have an edge or were born that way. it looks like smart people are just smart or have an edge or were born that way. but both strong people and smart people will tell you they grew because of practice, i.e. moving. they made a choice, maybe motivated by gift, dna, environment, experience, competition, discipline or the lack of(maybe poor or wrong motivation, motivation none the less), maybe just obedience. what does motivate us to move???? because first we have to move, whether its nodding our brain in some direction to accommodate making a choice, or picking up a book to learn from or picking up a weight to increase a muscle. it seems to start with making the choice to move. we’ve been given the gifts of life and choices and movement. find your spiritual gift, move by His power and be strengthened.