Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees.  Hebrews 12:12(Isaiah 35:3)

this scripture makes me grin and by itself seems all physical with nothing spiritual about it. the bible is a compilation of 66 books, not individual verses.  as I once heard Kay Arthur say, “the Lord gave us 66 books, not more than 66 and not less. he intends for us to read all of them”.  i have been taught that we are to read his Word in its entirety. when we isolate verses the context of scripture might be misunderstood.  but, if this were the only verse in the bible that we ever read and followed, potentially, we would have strong upper and lower bodies. we know from God’s Word that he is interested in our physical bodies, after all He did create them and give them to us to house his spirit.  we also know that he is very interested in our spiritual beings  because the ultimate goal in and of life is eternity with him.  but in the meantime he has given us physical bodies to live and breathe His Word and house his being for his purpose. he created us for  physical, mental and spiritual relationship now and has given us drooping hands to lift and weak knees to strengthen.  and as we know from the whole context of scripture it is all for his glory.  alone we will never be able to lift those drooping hands nor strengthen our weak knees.  we need him to do this for and with us.  “for from him and through him and to him are all things.  to him be the glory forever! amen.” romans 11:36