the fitness industry encourages us to consider the whole being, i.e.,  body, mind and spirit, in relationship to our health. there is much to be read in the bible about the body, the mind and the spirit.  i enjoy finding such connections in God’s Word.  i’m planning in 2016 to blog simple devotions with this thought in mind. i will post a scripture and note the spiritual and physical/or mental connection. my goal is one a week, with some weeks more and maybe, some less:) I’m not big on new year’s resolutions.  but i do like setting realistic goals, whether at the beginning of a new year or within the year.   i hope  simply devos will help motivate you, along  with encourage you along your journey of health and fitness.IMG_0556

this past year one of my close friends encouraged seven of us to read the bible in its entirety.  i thoroughly enjoyed this venture in 2015.  i would encourage you to do the same this year.  its not too late to start; doesn’t have to be jan1-dec31. there are several bibles and plans available online or at your local christian bookstore. another friend is reading 10 pages a day in her bible with other friends to complete within a year’s time. others have read the individual books at a time. many people have read the entire bible without any guides or structured reading.  however fits for you i would encourage you to read God’s Word.  it is life! and, i am certain you will also find a physical, mental and spiritual connection in your journey.