simply fit hike 002“in a short stretch, I was reminded how diverse and unique our country is, and how our history is one built on triumph, tragedy, and a lot of walking.”  one of my clients(author’s aunt) introduced me to a new favorite book in which the previous quote was written. Jennifer pharr davis, in her book, Becoming Odyssa, describes her northbound 57 day hike of the 2,175-mile appalachian trail(AT).  I also read her current book, Called Again, where she describes her southbound hike of the same 2,175-mile trail.  you can look her up on wikipedia, watch her on national new’s interviews as well as the 700 club, read about her hiking records in national geographic and other hiking magazines and maybe hike with her in the blue ridge mountains through her blue ridge hiking company.  or you can hike with me and I can now tell you how amazed i am with this young author and that I stand in respect yet, not the least bit jealous of her achievements. but, she has motivated me and i would like to go hiking in the blue ridge mountains or somewhere on part of the AT but mostly here in all the amazing places Tulsa has for us to walk.  Tulsa has many great trails; one of my favorites is turkey mountain because its so convenient and easy to navigate.  you feel like you are out in the country away from everything yet around a bend there’s the beautiful skyline of our wonderful city, along with a gorgeous view of the Arkansas river—well currently since our 100 year rains in may.  it is a well kept trail, used by many—obvious by the full parking lot and smiling faces you meet. we have options at turkey mountain of short 15 minute walks or over an hour or two-hour hikes.  plus, the arkansas river paved trail runs along turkey mountain providing even more terrain to explore for “thru” hikers.   reading davis’ books will also teach you hiking words like “thru” with an obvious definition, but in my own words—not just in and out but all the way thru, to a distant destination. we have our own thru trail(not the least in comparison to the AT) that I know will take you as far west as sand springs or east to broken arrow.  reading davis’ books really does make me want to get out and walk, I don’t have the internal push or desire to set city, national or higher records. but, i do respect and am thankful for those like davis who do set records because her “work” demonstrates that “we can” move more.  she, along with other great athletes, show that the human body is far more capable than we give it credit in our daily lives.  she causes me to glean and reflect on the importance of movement in life at all levels and every age.  she causes me to want to move more and enjoy God’s creation every day, not just some days. we also have a wonderful library in our city where you can check out davis’ book.  I would enjoy hiking with you or working with you towards strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, etc so you can get out and enjoy our city and all it has to offer.  you will learn about gait mechanics, tools like hiking sticks, proper footwear and feet care. some believe life’s issues, problems, and diseases could be improved, corrected or healed with more movement.  some also say our attitudes, thoughts, desires, goals, and priorities would also see improved change, and reflect a cleaner and healthier community.  check out the message in the following quote by davis,(actually on same page in same book as the above quote). “how different America would be if sixteen-year-olds received walking sticks instead of cars.”  I would like to add to her quote—“how different Tulsa would be if we at all ages walked more”. I encourage you to enjoy reading davis’ books and also to get out and go for a hike.