laying on floor, looking up, raise your arms above your head.  now, check to see what your ribs are doing?  did your ribs lift off the floor? are the ribs in your back still in contact with the floor?

“drop your ribcage so that the lowest, most forward bony protrusion of your ribs is stacked vertically over the highest bony protrusions on the front of the pelvis.” (bowman, katy. move your dna, 2014)  

our ribcages surround several very important organs, along with being attached to our spine.  when the ribcage remains out of of alignment it makes sense that these important organs and spine are also misaligned from their intended positions and not able to function to their max potential.

throughout your day notice where your ribcage lies.  does it predominantly protrude or maybe is it tucked back too much.  just like correcting a bad habit takes committed practice throughout our day to discover, stop, adjust and over time conquer, so can correcting bad alignment.  if you discover you are habitually thrusting your ribcage or it is too concave then begin to pay attention and like correcting a bad habit do the same with bad ribcage alignemnt.  upon discovery return ribcage to where it should be along with checking your posture alignment.  is your ear over your shoulder joint, over you hip joint, over your knee joint, over your ankle joint?  over time checking these 2 points of reference,  front of ribcage/front of pelvis and posture/joint alignment, you can adjust your alignment to neutral.

“where is my ribcage/pelvis alignement and where is my posture/joint alignment”?