aging health and abundant living how to’s:

play, read, use your brain, learn something new, join a class, take a Bible study, go to church and keep going, eat good foods, drink lots of water, ride your bike, visit with your neighbor, create something, finish a task left undone, forgive, make new friend, smile at the next person you see, work on your posture, join a book club, practice deep core breathing, stop smoking, drink a glass of water instead of eating another snack, learn a new game,  practice your balance, move, move, move, move more,  get outside, go barefoot(slowly and cautiously at first), stretch, listen to music, help a friend, walk to the store(walk home:), play an instrument, clean out your closet, walk, hike, swim, check a book out of your library, paint a picture, if can sit on the floor, sit on the ground outside(make sure there is someone or something to help you up if need), practice sitting on floor, run, walk fast, walk slow, walk up a hill, walk slowly down, walk sideways, walk backwards, walk outside, walk inside, stand, sit some, learn about lifting correctly(where is that back, butt, shoulders, head suppose to be), go to the lake, dance, move, move, move and move and yes, rest!

set yourself a goal to age active and strong.  simply begin today.

In 1955, at 65 years old colonel sanders(kentucky fried chicken), confident of the quality of his fried chicken, devoted himself to developing his chicken franchising business.