Imagethis picture is my parents walking in New York City and enjoying “most” every moment. I am not allowed to tell you their ages, you will have to guess….but, i can tell you they have walked many miles over many years in many different terrains, temperatures and threads. In NYC last Sunday they walked from Times Square to Central Park, through it, to magnolia bakery(enjoyed delicious cheese cake) and then to 5th avenue and back to Times Square. And, it was a path of many detours. I’m guessing it was at least 6 miles, maybe 10. If you are familiar with that map let us know. I wish I had worn a pedometer, but trainers do take vacation…. We did stop a lot, we did rest as needed and we did take all day and we did drink water….hope New York water safe??? this day they continued on for 3 more days of adventure and discovery in NYC. They did take the subway a few times (and only rode a cab from and back to the airport), but the remainder of their transportation was their own feet.

Yesterday on the news we watched President George Bush skydiving on his 90th birthday. You also most likely know stories of those over 60 walking, running, swimming, climbing? What are your stories of a person over 60 who is walking, running, maybe even jumping? Maybe it is your own story! Those “walking” before us are continuing to pave many great steps for those who follow to step in.


A side note: My daddy wore a cap from USS Lexington which is naval ship he served on during Korean conflict. Throughout the trip it was amazing and inspirational to watch men, in their 20’s to seniors, stop him shake hands and share their stories of service. Also, because he was a vet, he and his family were given a free pass to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! A lot of big steps!!