I am about to “break” my “fast” from this blog. Due to move and life I’ve not posted anything in a long while.  But, as I perused the content of this blog, although some posts several years old, all remains current especially the “stories” of those who have had great success with exercise and movement in their lives.  Be encouraged by these stories and send me yours–I would love to post yours. It too will encourage others to move.  Along with moving and life this past year I have spent quite bit of time reading about and studying movement, alignment, the foot, the shoulder and other body parts along with the sum of those parts. Now it’s time to “break” my “fast”. Fasting is an excellent method of regenerating, reviewing and renewing. While resting, a fast interestingly produces energy along with increasing motivation to move. Our nightly fast from eating while we are getting much-needed/required sleep is healthy. We “break” that “fast” with breakfast which has been touted as the most important meal of the day.  Maybe that’s because it really is or maybe it’s because the norm for breakfast is that breakfast typically consist of more real foods than other meals in our generation’s history, or maybe it’s a direct result of the fast.  I am not a nutritionist(as my simply fit clients tire of hearing), so these are my assumptions drawn from experience, observation and lots of nutritional information.  I love breakfast.  It’s a fast(ha), easy meal which is easy to consume real foods—-whole wheats, butter, eggs, grits(my husband’s fav), oatmeal–make it steel and  you’ve got whole grains, yogurt, fruits and those are just a few “normal” foods that we all have been familiar with before shopping at any natural food store became so popular. I enjoy natural food stores but I was advised by a reputable “real” nutritionist at our local natural food store that everything on the shelf there is not always real, or whole, or unrefined or unprocessed. So, she said continue to read labels, be informed and be selective when shopping where ever you choose to shop.  (I love that we live in a country where we have freedom to shop where we want to)  As 2014 begins if you are not a breakfast eater I would encourage you to “break” your “fast” from not eating breakfast and try an experiment for yourself. You might join my daughter and I in making healthy new year’s resolutions such as moving more and eating better.  Experiment with “breaking” your “fast” by eating breakfast with the purpose of establishing proof for breakfast being the most important meal in your day. You might also experiment with adding more movement to your day.  Next December it would be encouraging to hear and see your results from your experiments.  And I would love to work, i.e. “move” with you this year.  Make your year one of simply eating real foods and simply moving real muscles/bones–yours.