in this blog im simply using posture and alignment interchangeably.  BUT while one can have somewhat good posture without good alignment, good alignment develops simply good posture. posture could probably be a best litmus for one’s health—-not Spinesaying it is, hence “probably”.  so, that means its “my opinion”. simply consider good posture verses bad. with either the following are all critically affected: balance, breathing, internal organ placement and function, bone development and morphing, muscle placement and function, external appearance such as confidence, flexibility, abdominal strength, ability to move, chronic pain, and the list is much longer even including calories burned.  it’s even said that with proper alignment of head back and chin down we might simply keep our youthful tight neck/chin muscles—-makes sense to me and wow, is that enough motivation to simply want good alignment.  it’s not about holding your shoulders up straight or sticking out your chest.  its simply about foot placement, knee flexion, pelvic floor lengthening, abdominal strength, shoulders relaxed, head placement, and eye contact.  simply check out june 6, 2011 and april 19, 2011 blogs about posture.  simply contact me for exercises that enhance and promote proper alignment.  also, simply realize that while you can exercise 3 times a week and achieve great results, with repetitive daily use of proper alignment you will simply achieve life changing results. and if you think you are stuck with what you have simply think again.  the body responds to where it is being placed daily, both by its surroundings and to simply repeat– alignment.