i discovered katy bowman through continuing education I participate in to keep current in this ever-evolving field of the human body—not the human body but the field—ha!  is aerobics the right way, or is it anaerobic,  running,  walking,  high intensity training or short bouts several times a day—–will we ever have a straight answer to any physical exercise how-to-do-it-right concern????  i found a resource that actually does answer quite a few exercise questions.  it is titled Every Women’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: the new science of healthy feet, by katy bowman, ms.  katy bowman is a biomechanist who teaches use of proper body mechanics for health. her book is not only easy to read but full of practical application along with preventative and corrective exercises that we all(men, women and children) can benefit from.  i have used many of her exercises for myself and in training clients.  i appreciate her work along with her desire for the general public to have useful information that can be applied “at home” or along with your own doctor, therapist or trainer’s help. you can purchase her book through the website www.alignedandwell.com,  amazon or like me, download it free through your library on your ipad, kindle or other electronic device. if you are a client(or my sister:)) this is a homework assignment—-let me know what you think—–

moms with young children don’t skip over this.  she provides critical and helpful information on how shoes hurt or help bone formation.

following are excerpts from provided from her blog with permission of use for bloggers:

Who should read Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet?

Women with foot pain. D’uh. And, woman with spine and sacro-iliac pain, low bone density, massage therapists, women’s health professionals, yoga, Pilates and exercise teachers, runners, and anyone interested in the body and human science.

Women whose feet feel fine. Because 80% of them will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder at some point in their lives. Then there are knee and hip surgeries. People who don’t want these ailments should know how their shoe choices and foot mechanics contribute to these situations.

Health professionals. The role of musculoskeletal alignment in health is well researched and well documented in scientific journals, but is not in the training of most medical and wellness professionals. This is continuing education.