make a plan now for healthy holidays and as you walk, run or skip through november, december and the new year you will most likely succeed.  also, with a plan you will rebound faster and better during the “set-back” moments.  following is a list of ideas that may help you devise a realistic plan or trigger your own ideas. 

ideas to list in your plan:  drink water–start right now, get 6-8 hours sleep every night, eat real food, eat foods that don’t stress my system, eat healthy snacks before attending holiday events, eat breakfast, i will not eat after 9 p.m., one idea i read is to take pictures of your meals to keep accountable,  regular workouts(or at least twice a week) for maintenance during this busy season,  park and walk, leave the candy at the store, relax, plan nonfood rewards for achieving fitness goal during this time, give a friend non-food reward for achieving one of their fitness goals during this time, decide a total calorie count for what you are willing to allow yourself to consume during holiday meals–be realistic, face that personal holiday challenge now by writing it down and deciding how best to manuever through it or around it successfully, realize weight loss may not be realistic during the holidays but weight gain is definitely avoidable, read this blog or another source of education occasionally during the holidays to motivate adherence to your plan, give your trainer or someone you trust your plan for the holidays or a list of intentions giving this person approval to nod “yea!” along your successful journey and help you get up when need, give yourself a break when you fall—you have trained flexibility and balance for more than physical needs and lastly, plan intentionally to celebrate the season for its intended purpose.  plan for a wonderful thanksgiving and a merry christmas and happy new year, let the bumps be part of the season with celebration the focus.

healthy holidays add to happy holidays