On May 29, I had my first baby.  A sweet little girl named Alexa. She changed my life.
Being pregnant was hard for me. Throughout our 5 years of marriage (and 10 years of friendship before that) my husband and I enjoyed spending our evenings and weekends running, cycling, rock climbing and backpacking… and when you add 40 pounds and a basketball to your middle, these activities lose their charm and become somewhat more difficult if not impossible… 🙂 When these activities became uncomfortable, we attended Yoga classes, took slower bike rides, and went on lots of walks together. We viewed these activities as training for labor (You don’t run a marathon without lots of training, so neither should you give birth without physical training!!) After 35 hours of labor and TONS of swaying lunges during contractions, I was wishing I had done about a million more lunges BEFORE the birth.. 🙂
After I had Alexa and got feeling back to normal I was SOOOO excited to be more active again. However, it took ALOT longer to get back into running shape then I thought. I would run on Riverside with my jogging stroller and try to make it from one light pole to the next without stopping. For several weeks I walked 2 light poles/ran 1 light pole, walked 2/ran 1, et al. But getting out of the house and meeting my other stay- at- home mom friends was/is so good for me. It’s much easier to get together for a walk/run than to get together to stare at the babies. This way we can push our babies and talk,talk, talk. The babies love it. We love it. I love how i feel after I run. I love being outside in the fresh air. I love that Alexa has lots to look at. But I really love sharing these things with friends.
She is now 5 months old, and she recently went on her first ride in her “Chariot” behind my bike. I can’t wait to take her on more. It is so fun, though often challenging, to figure out how to incorporate her life into mine. Exercising doesn’t look exactly like it did before I was pregnant, but it doesn’t have to vanish either now that I have a child. In fact, I have a feeling my sweet baby girl will get me moving more than ever now!!