20120929-195649.jpgWorking Out. What’s the point. Why do people take it so seriously? That’s what I used to ask myself when the question or topic of working out came up. I used to think to myself I eat pretty healthy, I think I am in good shape no need for me to workout. Well little did I know I was wrong. I used to think working out was this complicated thing that only really buff people or athletes did. Well I was wrong. There is simple easy ways for the average person to workout. No need for anything fancy. Get back to the basics. Walking, running, climbing stairs, riding a bike. Simple things. Nothing complicated. Basics.

I really started enjoying running after my mom and I had a conversation about the tape recorder that plays in my head saying “I can’t do this and I won’t succeed and be able to complete my workout.” She told me to erase everything that was in there and to start fresh; tell myself this is easy and nothing complicated about it and that I CAN do it. That day I ran my first mile without stopping! I was so excited, while I was running I felt this rush of adrenaline and after I finished my mile I felt like I had accomplished something really amazing. And to tell you all… I did! I had never run a mile before without stopping. And from there it kept getting better and better. I began running more during the week and eventually my distance kept getting longer. I started running with my mom. I found it was a great way to spend time with her. It was something we both enjoyed doing together and surprisingly we had fun! About six months later I ended up running a race with my mom! It was a great accomplishment we accomplished together.

Working out does not have to be complicated or take forever. All it takes is a minimum of thirty minutes and a goal. If you have time and motivation to go longer more power to you! I sometimes have time to go only thirty minutes and sometimes I have time to go longer. I also came to the realization there are other ways to workout as well if you do not have time to make it to the gym or workout at your house. There are some days that I am so busy I do not have time to go to the gym or go running outside. So I thought about it and realized there are ways to “workout” during the day. Back to the basics and little things. I started taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I started parking further away in parking lots. I also started taking longer walking routes to get to places. Now with that you might have to adjust your time a little bit, which is only a minor adjustment.

Remember just keep telling yourself you can do it and it’s simple. Easy. And Basic.