on our family vacation alyssa, my niece’s friend now holds the record for  jellyfish stings.  two different trips separated by several summers; both times standing in the water next to my niece and others.  this time her natural reaction was to grab the jellyfish and pull him off…..oooohhhhhhh!!!  she didn’t look at him(or her), just grabbed and pulled.  being older this summer she also didn’t cry, scream, yell or whine as much…actually if any.  everyone quickly moved into action grabbing i-phones googling what to do. A lady stopped to tell us vinegar takes out the sting. my sister read all the symptoms along with cures and i insisted on ice. off we went doctoring and “taking care” of our  wounded- moms!!   the guys were ready to carry her if  symptom #4 of fainting should occur.  so how does lifetime fitness ” fit” in here???  well, i am certain that we handle stress, injury and vacation with family and friends much better with fit, healthy bodies. considering survival of the fittest theory i am also certain that alyssa lived and the jellyfish didn’t bec of her ability to better  handle the stress of her surroundings.  all he(or she) could do was sting while alyssa being  stronger and smarter was able to slay….
the vinegar did work; it takes away the sting.  and the ice prevented swelling.  and now vinegar is a staple on our beach list.  alyssa, you might want to travel with a bottle in your beach bag….

ice for inflammation:  why ice???  such a simple solution that we often neglect… my simple explanation is that ice keeps swelling down, therefore blood can get to the wounded area bringing healing nutrients. the quicker the nutrients can reach the wounded area the faster healing can occur.  so apply  ice(in pack or towel, not directly to skin) as soon as possible.  ice area for 5 minutes, off 5(doctor can give  time specific to injury).  never leave ice on skin for extended period of time–it will cause burn.