the recommended daily allowance for women is 3 fruits and 4 vegetables.  do you eat 3 fruits and 4 vegetables every day? do you eat 3 fresh fruits and 4 fresh vegetables every day?  that’s almost impossible but it is a great challenge and one i like to give.  try it. see how many days in one week you “get to” eat 3 real pieces of fruit and 4 real vegetables.  my guess is fruit is the easiest quota to achieve but i could be wrong.  fruit drinks do not count—just sayin——

so what counts as a fruit or vegetable serving? one cup for vegetables and 1/2 cup for fruit or whole piece of fruit.  this has always seemed rather arbitrary to me, but i’m sure someone calculated the cost/effect and came up with a litmus.  i prefer to concentrate on eating  f/v rather than what/how much to eat because for me if i eat plenty of  f/v then somehow i don’t tend to want or eat or be consumed with not eating too much from my favorite bread group or that dessert group(isn’t there a dessert group?????)  i also like to buy a piece of fruit when grocery shopping to eat on the way home—a treat and my sneaky way to get one serving in.

as you can tell i am not a nutritionist, nor try or want to be—-but i love this time of year and want to encourage you to take advantage of all the real fruits and vegetables that are available right now—-enjoy!   nothing like home-grown tomatoes! after many years of planting a tomatoe plant or two i finally had great success.  seriously, nothing like good-ole home-grown tomatoes—counting all the past years of plants, dirt, water and time i’m thinking these tomatoes are around $20-$100 a piece——but they are heirloom variety—-and oh, so good—yes, worth the wait!!!  i hear its time to plant for fall tomatoes—–