where do you workout?  you can workout in the same place every time or workout at a different place each time.  the body can move pretty much anywhere and, even without equipment it alone bears enough weight to offer not only a great cardio but also a great resistance workout. although, equipment does help and also provides an aspect of motivation ( for info on basic home gym equipment check out my earlier blog april 21, 2011 titled my home gym.)
workouts in—— the latest, greatest gym  or on the beach, in the park, in a barn(my latest and tons of fun experience), in a downtown office, on a mountain, or a hill, in your den, at your work gym, in your home gym, at your apartment workout facility or subdivision gym, in a warehouse, convention center, hotel gym or hotel room, on a trail, at the lake, at school, on a big boat, in a little boat, at a resort, in a pretty temperature controlled garage or the ugliest of garages(see my garage in picture) —–are all great places to  achieve your goals.  pick a place, or several places, and get to work–email if you’d like to workout in  my ugly gym….jones10144@cox.net