i am about to go climb turkey mountain in tulsa. ok; not exactly mt everest….never the less; exercise, fun and an active lifestyle are some of the benefits from climbing mountains.  unlike the people in the article found at website below we may not be extreme in our pursuits but much like them we too can be very active. both of us can receive many benefits from an active lifestyle.  also, maybe like them we will invest heavily in equipment, clothing, travel and time.  then again, we too might encounter danger, injury and set backs. maybe our goals won’t produce a medal. but then maybe our medals are others coming along side us engaging in healthy pursuits.  there is much to be experienced from tackling a tall mountain occasionally or a little one over and over….why dont you call a friend and invite them to climb a mountain with you…..

check out the article in this website   http://usat.ly/JCVpPx