as we age, and for some of us as we are young, we tend to sit way too much.  think about the way your insides were created and intended to function. with repeated sitting over time things tend to not work properly.  stand more than you sit, walk as much as you can, get up, get out and get moving…..

Over 75% of health care costs in the US is used towards chronic disease treatment and many, if not most are preventable. adults over 50 who started exercising 90 minutes a week(that’s not even 3 times a week at an hour a time–which is pretty reasonable and highly doable) save an average of $2200 a year in medical costs(health partners research foundation).  think about your day—-sit or stand,  walk or not…  its beginning to get hot—yea summer!!!!  so get ready by continuing to get out and move.  i promise you will acclimate to the heat and be able to enjoy moving outdoors till september and beyond…  and in the meantime you will improve your insides, sharpen up the outer layer and hopefully spend less at the doctor’s office this year…..