her arms are strong for her tasks –proverbs 31:17

this proverb is absolutely a great litmus and description for your workout focus. What is the task of your daily life?  this is your purpose/goal for your exercise regime.  your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance all needs to be purposed around your goal for daily living. if you are an athlete and perform competitively then your training should emulate a level for competitive performance.  if you are a student and participate in intramural or campus activities like band, drama, etc then align your workout to accommodate those needs.  if you are a mom toting a toddler around all day PLEASE workout in such a way to meet those enduring 24/7 needs.  and if you are a grandma, you know the merit in “working out” for functional daily life.  any age female should include strength training in her workout program.  following are several benefits of strength training for us ladies:

strength training helps slow/stop the decline of strength as we age, reduces risk of osteoporosis, improves muscle strength, increases bone strength, increases lean body mass, lowers risk for diabetes, decreases resting blood pressure, decreases risk of falls, sustains independence for mature adults.

if your goal is endurance use high reps and lower resistance. if your goal is strength use higher resistance and lower reps. consider your posture and please breath while strength training. provide variety of exercises for same muscle group to prevent risk of overuse injuries. remember rest is good. allow 48 hours between exhaustive strength work for any muscle group.

incorporate strength training into your workout appropriate for your age and daily activities to achieve health for an abundant life, along with securing strong arms for your daily tasks.