one of my friends, patricia jones, is a fitness trainer and has been trying to

whip me into shape for a couple of years. even though i get discouraged by

my middle aged shape, i still know i am much stronger.

life is easier and safer with a little strength. i used to dread carrying in

heavy bags of groceries, but now it’s a breeze. sickness rarely knocks at

my door, because i am fit. if i do catch a virus, it doesn’t hang around too


besides strength and cardio fitness, patricia adamently urges me to also stay

flexible. apparently flexibility is our body’s best friend. ( i used to struggle touching

my toes but now can reach the floor with flat palms.

patricia asked me to post a pic:

well, her ears look a little like mine.

check out patricia’s blog for some simple, reasonable fitness tip. she is

devoted to the Lord, her family, friends, and fitness!!!!



“it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He

makes my feet like the feet of a deer . . . He trains my hands for battle.”

psalm 18: 32-34