Which is the best workout for us girls; i.e, girls to grandmas?  Should we walk or run for long extended lengths of time or should we go all out, doing the most we can for short amounts of time? Either way involves work and produces sweat!! While both have pros and cons these workout methods can compliment each other.  Research is telling us that both  produce health improvements such as increased cardiovascular function and maximum oxygen volume.  High intensity is a quicker workout;  recommended no more than 3 times per week for best results while limiting injury.  Barefoot exercisers are encouraged in either endurance or  high intensity training to progress slowly.  Typically girls like lots of variety when exercising while grandmas insist on routine; but between those ages a gal might prefer variety or routine or bit of both. Both methods can be executed in routine fashion or also with variety. Whether you enjoy routine or variety I often recommend an overall program including the use of both endurance and high intensity training for best results. “simply” put, the athlete in training as well as the functional fitness exerciser can incorporate both into a program at a level that is appropriate to the individual’s workout/goals.    (Research information referred to in article found in Idea Fitness Journal, February 2012)