i am in flight returning from vacation in “sunny” southern california where we were actually very cold. apparently we hit the coldest week of the year.  we didn’t freeze but wished we had brought along a heavier jacket. we had a wonderful time and got a lot of good sleep and good breathing.  a successful vacation as well as a successful workout, along with good health requires both.

signs of chronic sleep loss  include memory loss, lost motivation, frequent illness, drowsiness when driving, weight gain, irritable moods, sluggish afternoons, hard time getting out of bed and is attributed to poor health. appropriate exercise over time can help achieve great sleep  patterns. A recent study showed that adults who engaged in 150 minutes of physical activity a week were associated with 65% better sleep quality(idea fitness journal, march 2012). 

shallow breathing is also attributed to poor health; effecting movement patterns negatively, postural breakdown, along with neck pain. breathing can be tested and appropriate exercises can be recommended to develop appropriate “belly”(diaphragm) breathing. The human body is incredibly designed to function efficiently when we use it as designed.  rest is part of that design.  go on vacation, relax, sleep well and breathe deeply.  Awwwwwwww