Top 10 health foods that “I think” tulsa people actually consume:

After polling tulsa girlfriends, ages 30, 40, and 50-something I’ve come up with a list of actual healthy foods that realistically will make it into your and your family’s tummies. Following are real foods you most probably consume that are not only so very healthy for you but also delicious….

1. Fisher eggs, local and as one friend says, “check out their expiration date, wonderful!”… also, did you know eggs have most every nutrient we need and the cholesterol is actually used positively by our bodies.
2. Blueberries, also found locally—try thunderbird and toomey berry farms.
3. Good beef— or at 15th street farmers market during warm months. they are known for “healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people”. great recipes!
4. Good beef—-natural farms, a tulsa family business “specializing in pasture fed, lean beef and superior, quality natural groceries”.
5. Good beef—-good grief, we’re from Oklahoma—–favorite hunting friend who hunts in western oklahoma in those grass-fed fields where the beef doesn’t even need to be marinated because there is no game-taste. siegi’s processing factory does great job of preparing game for freezer.
6. Milk—swan’s dairy in claremore and their cheeses, especially curds. milk does a body good and actually if in order of personal preference this would be in the number one spot. whole milk has all the natural nutrients available in the way intended, no taking away or added to. braums, rbgh free!!!
7. Green beans, don’t give up young moms—frozen or fresh have great taste that one day most all our kids enjoy. fresh vegetables—-delicious!
8. Grains—-oatmeals, breads, rice
9. Honey—-reducing processed sugars is not just a current fad everywhere, it is critical to long term health for all ages and all sizes. but ask your doctor or nutritionist before giving baby honey.
10. Salt—-we all love it and can’t live without it…..#9 info applies.
11. oops, in all honestly could be #1, but since its been considered taboo in the health-food industry for so long and because it’s place is naturally after dinner it doesn’t make the top 10 but true to myself i can’t leave out dark chocolate—besides it has its own post(march 16, 2011). just a bite will do————