the mindset of a workout is hard, grueling, “get er done”, tough, out of breath, “i can’t do this”, ouch, “when will this end”, “no pain-no gain”, push-push-push——– or not????   it really depends on your purpose for your workout—what is your goal?  whether your goal is athletic training, functional fitness or recreational please know that the old adage “no pain no gain” is no longer considered productive. 

obviously there is a time and place for athletic workouts.  ha, most of them should require a signed contract and big pay check.  Athletes train with the purpose of being their best in order to help produce a win. Their goals include strength, endurance and flexibility training with a game win in mind.   functional fitness is for those who workout also with purpose of strength, endurance and flexibility but the end goal is for daily life; which might also include a big pay check(some of us can only wish—).   functional fitness can be a goal for athletes after retirement.  no longer do they need to put their bodies through lengthy, grueling workouts because no longer will they be required to sustain huge impacts during their “day at work”.   I introduce the thought of recreational workouts because a lot of people enjoy play such as weekend golfing or bowling in which workouts with purpose can help prevent injury and sustain a life-long enjoyment of play.  workouts need to reflect your purpose.   the workout of a  high school member of drama team or band  should reflect endurance skills, improving lung capacity, balance, strength and flexibility.  a workout with the purpose of successful employee performance should reflect the type of skills needed to do the job.  a retiree’s workout should be specific to her daily activities, a mom’s workout—wow, that requires it all—–

Consider your daily life, work situation, weekend play and let’s plan a workout with goals that  reflect your specific needs–whether they are athletic, recreational, employment-related, school interest, pre-school, retired, vacation-specific, weekend warriors, etc.

check out the athlete in video;  he is working out for the big game but he might need to add some strength training—–