today i am thankful to the Lord for so many, many things—-one of which is a body in which He created for work and play.  it’s pretty cool to think about all that the human body is capable of doing.  i’m not sure we were made to actually exercise but since we don’t each have a garden anymore guess i should be thankful we can go to the gym or outside or to my garage, or yours.  yes, i am thankful for exercise and also for the joy that comes upon completion and  especially i am thankful for you!!!

for the past few novembers we have put a cloth tablecloth on our dining room table along with permanent markers.  i’m sure i stole this idea from some clever, thankful person.  i wish i would have stolen it when our kids were little—they would have loved being able to write and draw on the dining room tablecloth.  we enjoy reading the thankful thoughts our family and friends write on our tablecloth.   i am thankful for —-