women in america are sitting more and more; a high percentage sitting 6-8 hours a day, many 10-12.  a friend of mine just returned from korea where she walked everywhere, everyday—at least 5 miles a day. then she came home and had a seminar to attend where she sat everyday, all day.  i know, i know, i know —koreans have seminars also—but they don’t drive to them—we sit for almost everything we do. 

there are good, better and best chairs and also good, better and best ways to sit.  check online or with ergonomically-friendly furniture/office professional who can size or recommend best product for your long days of sitting.  when sitting remember neutral posture.  check out sept 4, 2010 blog on muscle moment-the hip flexor for information on how to strengthen weak area from prolonged sitting. 

there are some tricks to help us stand more and sit less. be an active sitter—-fidget, move your legs,dance your feet, stretch your limbs, lean upper body over lap and get a good stretch while lowering top of head toward floor, turn and look over your shoulder and repeat on opposite side, sit on edge of your seat and roll chair in small varying directions with feet planted on floor, stand up for a second, shift body weight to one hip then other for few seconds each side, perform shoulder crunches, scapular pinches, head tilts(never rolls), do some calf stretches and foot stretches,  create your own small movements while working at your desk.  some other tips:  when appropriate walk around while working–practice and it can become habit, walk with co-worker while discussing work, stand-up and walk while on phone—they were made for mobility–,  get up and get water several times in your day, take an active break walking stairs or go outside for few minutes of fresh air,  raise your desk or computer so you can stand while working or sit on higher chair. 

nothing really new or clever; just ideas that may spark motivation or some things maybe not considered and over time with practice i think you will enjoy standing more and moving more as opposed to sitting all day.  you will burn more calories, hopefully notice less back pains and also will provide better care for internal organs that might be crushed all day with poor sitting posture.

the idea is not to distract others or self from work but to think about what we can realistically do to reduce the amount of time we sit during our day; to think about developing a mindset that not only standing is healthy but in fact the body is made to stand and move more than it sits.  it’s time for my walk to the mail box—–