come walk the Tulsa Run with me on October 29.  i like to walk, don’t care much about running personally but i like that many do. both are great workouts.  one time when i walked the run, as the gun went off, a young man running by me said “hey, they are already walking”.  he wasn’t talking to me but about me.  guess, he thinks that walking is lesser than.  i’m sure that is a common mistake.  walking is a great workout—it just takes a bit longer.  actually competitive walking can be as injury prone, if not more so, as running.  although, i have had clients that are more comfortable running; they say that walking hurts in their hips.  and others find running uncomfortable or painful.  obviously, both workouts have advantages and disadvantages.  i am often asked if i do run but i have never, ever been a runner. like running, dedicated walking develops leg muscles, burns calories and develops lean muscle mass. i do recommend that you try both in your workout—-if you are a walker, try sprinting occasionally during your walking workout.  if you are a runner, try competitive walking and definitely use walking during your cooldown—no one should ever come to abrupt stop at the end of a run.   also, skip walking or running with hand weights–this increases risk of injury.  save  strength training for separate workout.

if you are walking wear walking shoes and if you are running wear running shoes.  the difference in the make of the shoe affects the impact on your body and injury risk. 

hope to see you at the tulsa run–check it out at  below is some basic info on the run. we will be walking in the 15km.

Entry Fees

$35 for the 15km Tulsa Run if postmarked or received by October 22, 2011. $35 for the 5km. $15 for the Fun Run. An official Tulsa Run long-sleeved T-shirt is included. Late fee in effect after midnight Saturday, October 22, 2011.