BROWN RICE:  saute 2 cups brown rice, stirring constantly for about 5 minutes in 1-2 tbsp. butter or extra virgin olive oil. pour in 4 cups chicken stock(or part water, part chicken stock) and bring to boil. add 1/4 tsp, or less, sea salt. cook uncovered till water is about rice level. cover and cook one hour. can be made ahead.(taken from and tested in my kitchen—yummy!!!)
serving size—-3/4 cup

serve rice with  baked chicken(place chicken in baking dish; add salt/pepper,  “dab” small amounts of butter on chicken( i find butter unnecessary when using dark meat or if baking both dark/light together). bake for approximately one hour.  or, cube chicken into pieces and bake 30 minutes or less.
serving size— size of bar of soap

serve with green vegetable and dinner is complete.  enjoy fruit for dessert and a nice long walk afterwards.