riding a bike is one of my favorite things to do.  i not only get a great workout but i also get to enjoy the wonderful outdoors and i like the feel of going farther than by foot.  helmets—ugh!!  i know the risks(see bike blog) without a helmet but i am still trying to be comfortable in mine.   ???do you like the looks of bicycle helmets???, not my favorite and to me they are hot; creating sweaty hair.  but, the advantage of great protection outweighs the looks and sweaty hair.  maybe i should invent a new and different look—–    my favorite bike story is riding  in the high, high hills of north arkansas with friends over our 20th wedding anniversary.  we skied in the mornings on beautiful beaver lake and then road many, many miles enjoying the arkansas roads, but not necessarily the hills.  i especially liked reading the fun names on mailboxes we passed while riding.  my husband got tired of looking at the stripes on side of road and our friends got tired of “waiting” on us—-hahahha—-but they did and we had a great time.  i just knew i was going to look up on one of those long mountainous hills and see my husband pass me in the back of some arkansas truck.  he is smart and fun like that and i wouldn’t have put it passed him—–