Vibram 5 finger shoe has become a very popular product. it does allow  barefoot walking and running—-or rather, close to barefoot walking and running.  does it work????  when i bought a pair for my husband the selling feature was “it’s like walking barefoot except it provides protection”.  no it is not the same as going barefoot but it sure seems close.   dangers of broken glass, stickers, etc.  to a bare foot can be prevented with vibram.  but, really sharp rocks can puncture the vibram.  the mechanics of foot/heel placement when running in a vibram is supposed to be the same as barefoot running whereas running in a shoe causes different foot placement/heel contact.  vibram might rub blisters but maybe over time your foot would acclimate???  vibram is hard to get on but some feel worth the effort; but you may find it hard only in beginning if at all.  vibram might be a tool to help transition between a running shoe and barefoot.  is barefoot a fad???  were we born to walk/run barefoot???  have shoes caused our feet to permanently evolve physiologically not able to handle barefoot strokes and over time cause injury???  vibram is a popular seller and barefoot running is becoming more popular, enjoyed and accepted.  it seems like a fun challenge—can we really run barefoot like those “running” before us or as people do today in other countries?  there is research going on which has attempted, and will continue, to answer our questions.  in the meantime, the foot is as individual as our personalities seem to be—so, ask you podiatrist what is best for you.  have he or she prescribe what is best for your feet.  then enjoy a great workout either barefoot, or close———or “shoed”—–