proverbs 15: 13 tells us “a glad heart makes a cheerful face”.  so, let’s go get a glad heart—-

exercise physiologist tell us through research that the conditioned heart and body does increase our “good feelings”.   Endorphins,  brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, function to transmit electrical signals within our nervous system.  They can lead to feelings of euphoria, among other things, and we may feel less pain and less effects of stress.  The effects of high endorphins is the “runner’s high” we get with aerobic activity.

doctors prescribe exercise for their patients who deal with mild to major emotional, mental and physical stress. the body is an amazing machine and the heart is one really strong organ made to work and work hard.  when we exercise aerobically we are taught that the heart actually increases in size and capacity.  our capillaries and blood vessels increase in number so our bodies become more efficient at getting more blood effectively throughout our bodies for healing, strengthening, nutritional, and moving purposes, along with supplying us with red, rosy cheerful cheeks. 

we get a glad(joyful) heart through obedience to God’s Word.  i believe the connection between obedience to His Word and physical exercise is a cheerful face.  Hope you have a wonderful labor day weekend actively pursuing a cheerful heart.