This morning I was doing laundry, picking up around the house, making bed, etc/etc and thought “stop, drop and do my push ups”.  So I did.  I do not like to do push ups.  They are hard. They are painful and they seem to take forever to master.  Adding one rep is the hardest thing for me to do.  Typically girls, women—females—are weakest in the shoulder area so it makes sense that push ups do not come easy.  But, push ups can be performed almost anywhere.  All you need is a floor. And it feels so good to complete push ups!!!  It doesn’t take long to do push ups.  You can do them at work, at home or while playing.  Just stop for few minutes at the most and do your push ups, then go back to what you were doing.  A little later stop again, drop and do another set.  And later finish with a third set. 

 Maybe you work for a company that has a gym.   take a 10 minute break, walk to the gym and do a few push ups. This is a great way to get a break from sitting all morning or all afternoon.  If you are a mom of young children stop in the middle of play time and show your kids what mom can do—-of course, we know they will only want to help you out by riding on your back—but what’s a little weight—-.  Maybe your job is one that is high stress—–push ups are just the thing to give your mind a much needed break, your body a much needed distraction and some induced energy that will help manage the stress.  Try finding a place outside and not only do a few push ups but get some fresh air at the same time.   This sounds impossible and I for one would not do push ups in front of everyone at lunch or while taking a break —but maybe the idea of realistically incorporating push ups in your day somewhere will give you the motivation to find someplace workable or some time doable.  All you need is few minutes and a floor. 

 If I am designing a push up room for you I would include a floor, a wall, an immovable bench, chair or step, and pair of free weights.  Free weights can be used to allow wrists to remain in neutral position which helps with weight distribution and less pressure on wrists.  The bench, chair or step is used for beginner position and continues to be useful when alternating between advanced, beginner and intermediate push ups.  I typically recommend beginning with advanced position even if only perform one good push up, then go to an easier position and complete your reps.  Push ups can also be done against a wall—a beginner’s position; but with feet far away from wall can also be used in a pinch for stronger shoulders.  There are many ways to perform push ups. 

More importantly always warm up first, always stretch afterwards and always allow 48 hours for recovery between push up workouts.   Because I was very active around the house this morning my shoulders were very warm and ready so all I had to do was stop, drop and do 10 push ups, 10 seconds of stretching—then it was back to work.  Later I did 2 more sets, and then YES!, that wonderful feeling of “it’s over” and now my shoulders can rest 48 hours before ever doing another push up.