really,  right?????  yes,  i am a fitness trainer, exercise guru, love to sweat, like to exercise—–so it must be something we trainers do with ease—-  well, i really don’t know about the others but i for one am not always motivated to move.  motivation is an interesting thing.  so, why do i exercise?  i like chocolate cake and i like the feeling after exercise—–i know, we do not live by feelings, or sight, or what we think we see but in obedience, in love and  in faith.  exercise works the same way for me;  if i exercise because of  how i feel or what i see or think i see i would have given up long ago.  instead i exercise in obedience to my purpose or in faith that the goal will be achieved “at some point in time”, or in love for the one who created this temple for me to care for.  i can always talk myself out of exercising by the way i feel or what i see.  it is harder for me to talk myself out of exercise by conforming my will to obedience, or by faith or because of love.  interesting dilemma!  so i exercise  to be obedient, to increase my faith and love. and afterwards the feelings of yes!, i did it or yea it’s over are some of the rewards.  today another reward is going to lunch with a friend–maybe we can share a small piece of  chocolate cake—–