Vacation—to exercise or not to exercise????

do you exercise in preparation to go on vacation to exercise???   OR,   do you go on vacation to rest from exercise????  funny, isn’t it how different we each view vacation.  yes, i get to go hike the back country—no phones, no interruptions, no toilet paper and no rest—yippee!!!  let’s go—-  OR,  yes, bring on the beach and let’s sit, sleep, read if i have to, and EAT—–  

o.k., so both are two extremes of wonderful vacations that bring a change from the routine of life.  and both have their perks and pitfalls.  and with both exercise is a valid option that some choose and some don’t.  just returning from the beach it was fun and interesting for me to see people each morning running, riding bikes, walking alone, with friends or walking their dogs along the beach or throughout the adorable beach house neighborhood where we vacationed. apparently exercise is a big attraction on the coast by vacationers.  i was impressed with how many people were out “sweating” on purpose.   seeing others out exercising is contagious to some people.  but, for some it has no pull or power or contagious reaction what so ever.  some are on vacation—bring on the suntan lotion, beach chair and don’t block the view; while others get up with the sun to exercise and then go enjoy the view.  contagious or not, exercise vacation or not, exerciser or not, vacation is a great and rewarding time to get active.  it also is a great time to try new and different foods which may mean extra calories.  each destination has plenty of ways to exercise whether included in the vacation agenda or set aside at targeted times such as daybreak while others are sleeping—- 

in our world today vacations don’t only occur during summertime.  many of us travel throughout the year and therefore need to incorporate exercise into our travel lifestyle. there are ways to turn your hotel room into a temporary gym.  you don’t even have to bring your tenny shoes to accomplish a workout in your room.  exercising can help with jet lag, stress of travel, enjoying the attractions, and other benefits like keeping your momentum towards set goals even while interrupting your routine of exercise.  if you need help with a plan of action, together we can create one that will help you achieve or continue with your current goals.

Next vacation, or next trip—plan to exercise or be active and  rest or work , but definitely enjoy.