workout 3-4 times a week for improvements.  workout 2 times a week for maintenance. workout 6-7 times a week to avoid pitfalls or to introduce burn-out(ha, interestingly it can go either way)

surrendering all to get to your workout—whew, it really does sometimes feel like that!!!  it takes giving it all up sometimes just to get there.  it can be hard.  some ladies schedule their workouts on their calendar like a hair appointment or doctor appointment,  something they won’t break.  some are motivated to “get there” by a friend or co-exerciser.  some by a doctor’s prescription, some because they’ve already paid for the time, some by the gym itself, some because of plans of what they are eating later or what they ate earlier, some because of results and some because they really do like to exercise(surely they are in the minority??).   for some of us it takes more than one source of motivation to get to our workout. no  matter the source or sources we often have to give up something else in order to exercise and giving it up is an important discipline for success in getting there and also in the workout itself.

leaving a workout without completing everything you intended to do can be discouraging.  surrendering our all during a workout session is often the hardest thing to do.  the goal may have been to complete 10 push ups or hold the plank for one minute, either with good form. yet, during the workout exhaustion sets in, the remainder of the day’s events/plans take root,  distraction from those nearby, phone rings, or whatever; there we are—-unfinished and unsurrendered. there are several “secret tips” you can use in order to surrender all and finish the task well-done.  one is your focus; for example in strength training focus on what the muscle or muscle group is doing. by realizing what is going on you are not only motivated to perform the particular exercise correctly but also completely.  music can also help your frame of mind and keep you targeted on the fun of the moment.  the right kind of music is critical—one reason ipods are so popular for the gym is that the gym owner/manager’s taste of music just might not be yours. doing exercises that you like incorporated with those you need to do will help. also realistic goals are very important along with giving yourself a break on those days your goals need to be re-structured.   of course, working out with the right trainer or friend can motivate you to surrender it all and just do it.

one new to exercise, those trying to re-start, or the most accomplished athlete all struggle with surrendering it all.  hopefully reading an article on this blog will help motivate to get you out there moving and then another one might  help motivate you to surrender all during your workout–educating yourself on when and how is excellent tool for motivation.

whether you surrender  2 times this week, 3 times or everyday to exercise you can use your personal frequency goal as motivation to get there and to complete your workout. and afterwards, you will be so glad you surrendered all…..