some of my clients often quote scripture during  their workouts.  WHY, you ask?????  because hebrews 4:12 tells us the Word of God is living and active.  it is alive, living, working, breathing—–  and these women not only know it but have experienced it so therefore they use it, speak it, live it, ask God for it and thank Him for it.  the bible is not an idol to them. in fact, it is a tool given to all of us by the creator of our lives to be used, so they do.  i’ve listened, learned, quoted along, enjoyed, benefitted and made it through some tough workouts with them because the covenant God is true to His Word.  thank you ladies for letting me  lean on the Lord’s Word with you in your workouts. 

some of God’s Words that i’ve heard ladies repeat, often loudly but sometimes under their breaths:   “i can do all things through Christ, to him who is able to strengthen”,  “Lord help me” or sometimes just a barely audible “help”,”practice and devote self and see progress”,  “have mercy”, “by His Spirit”, “endure the race set before me”,  “fight this good fight, finish this race, keep the faith”, and of course–“the Lord is my Shepherd i shall not want”.

we have many great tools for our workouts made by man(and woman).  but,  the best tool we have been given is God’s Word.  WHY, you ask???  because “with God all things are possible.”   Matthew 19:26