PRAYFIT is a book written by jimmy pena about exercise, nutritional health and faith.  it is a  28 day guide for individuals or groups.  i have used this book as a reference through this summer’s fitness camp.  we are in the last week of the camp.  IT IS HOT IN TULSA!!!!   AND, these women have done an amazing job.  we have found the devotionals very inspiring.  Isn’t it awesome how God’s Word always fits.  in pena’s book he teaches correct form, gives some nutritional tips,  good recipes and emphasizes prayer as a part of a healthy workout.  with help from his pastor friend, jimmy page, he lays out a foundation of faith to be used in spiritual exercise/growth.  pena’s program in this book is strictly strength training but he does recommend adding an endurance segment which we did.  he offers a workout that can be done simultaneously by all levels of exercisers, whether beginning or one who has been working out for years. it also is one that can be done anywhere(like my dirty garage) and doesn’t require equipment—just your body and maybe a mat if the floor is not appealing.

pena also gives a second month of structured plan for exercise and he has a meal plan in the book.   it has been fun to use his book as a tool of motivation to make it through 28 days of summer heat in tulsa.  grab a friend and do the same or give me a call and i will be happy to train you through exercise and prayer together.