many women i’ve trained complain about shoulder soreness.  we find ourselves “scrunching” our shoulders to use the arms when working out.  we also find ourselves massaging the shoulder area and trying to stretch the neck because it hurts or feels strained.  it seems to me  when women are under stress, whether we know it or not, this area is the place that takes the brunt.  and, a great massage is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!  but so are several strengthening exercises—

the trapezius is large triangular muscle on both sides of your upper back, extending over back of neck and shoulders.  it  can be effected even by low intensity overuse such as “straining”over a blog —or any computer, holding telephone between our ear and shoulder(does anyone do that with a cell phone????). it also can be strained during higher intense activities such as sports and play, weight bearing activities where you find yourself scrunching the shoulders to lift the weights, etc. 

the following exercises are good for strengthening this area.  also include stretching the chest and back during your workouts.  also, always check with your trusted chiropractor or doctor for existing concerns before any exercise. 

exercises:  sitting or standing with neutral(upright) posture, perform 15-20 reps.

shoulder shrugs–raise shoulders towards ears and then lower.

scapula pinches—roll the shoulders back and pinch shoulder blades together

neck side bending—lower ear to shoulder and raise—gentle and slow,  repeat opposite side

neck rotation—look to one side, then other