my good friend posted a blog  june 11,( titled “in the bag”, about the contents of a woman’s purse being revealing and curious. her blog immediately prompted my attention to my bag—-ugh!!!!  and it is pretty revealing—i like organized purses so if you look in my purse on the right day at the right time you might think i’m very organized. but if you peak in on the wrong day at the wrong time, which happens to be more wrong than right,  you might think i like to visit container stores but sadly can’t apply what i learn or buy from them—-ha, such is life. 

her blog also caused me to want to give you some clues on what to include in your fitness bag:   extra socks(change socks after workout—protect those toes/feet), dry shoes(after work out, open the laces and keep bag unzipped with shoes hanging out to dry, they can grow disgusting stuff  in hot sweaty bag, in hot trunk),sandals or extra pair of dry shoes for after workout errands,  powder(girl’s best workout friend—its what allows you to stop by the grocery on way home from gym), light jacket for cold stores on way home, brush, hat, towel, maybe blush but really you should have that workout glow, and i might add idea from my friend’s blog—small bible(great for encouragement on those bad workout days or celebration on the good ones, conversation, and direction for cold hearts and cold days) 

i really should “run” organize my bag—-