i teach creative movement to children, 2-5 yrs old at my church’s preschool.  ~~~the irony of teaching creativeness to young children whom are just learning about anything at all???~~~  simply put, they teach me much about creativeness.  how can they know so much already about what is creative versus what is old, routine and expected? today was ABC Preschool creative movement fitness class—we usually do more creative movement than “exercises” but i can’t end the year without introducing my passion even if it is to 2-5 year olds. i put on some of my “old” instrumental aerobic music and ask them to listen to the music and then create movements pretending to be in a fitness class. we used different body parts–for example, “show me how you can warm up your feet while we are sitting down?”  they did and they were adorable. after the “sitting down” warm up session we moved to standing and they began to move EVERYWHERE saying “look, i can do this and look teacher what i can do!!!”  they created lots of original moves that i’m certain only 2-5 year olds can do and yet they imitated lots of exercise  moves they’ve watched their parents do—-some even saying, “my mommy does this”  as they tried to master some familiar flexibility stretch.  today i taught them how to breathe, how to warm-up, some flexibility exercises, some balance exercises but i didn’t have to teach them how to move.  not a child in the nine classes i teach is obese.  they not only know how to move—they enjoy moving.  childhood obesity is on the rise and those who study it say all sectors of the population are affected(IDEA, april 2011). whatever the families of these children are doing to maintain such good weight, creativity and love of moving is working.  i’ve read that some of the best exercise machines come in small packages—-i think “keeping up” with young children is good way to “create” an active life style. those of you, like me, who no longer have a 2-5 year old running around to keep up with are welcome to schedule a time with me to train. we’ll run, jump, walk, bike, lift weights and even warm-up sitting down if you want. i have learned from the best!!!!