of all the “tools of this trade”  i think a pedometer is one of the best.  it easy to use and basically reliable, especially considering it’s costs.  it is also a great source of motivation to move. 

i recommend that you wear one for a day just to see how many steps you take.  from there you can set a goal of how many steps  you would like to take in a day or how many during a work out.  most pedometers come with information for goal setting.  my ipod has a pedometer which is “way cool”.  i have figured out how to use this ipod pedometer but still need my son’s free instructional remaining 55 minutes of the hour he gave me for my birthday on “how to use your ipod mom” to learn how to use the other ipod features.  pedometers don’t typically come with free help but they do come with very easy to understand and use instructions.  basically you step and the pedometer counts the step(stride).  it may miss some and it may give you an extra here and there but overall they are pretty predictable, with a fairly low margin of error.

basically you take 2,000 steps per mile.  6,000 steps per day are recommended for health and 10,000 for weight loss.  be sure to wear your pedometer correctly to get the most accurate count.  it should be hip level above right knee, facing forward.  some pedometers have guides that talk about stride, some describe steps and some use these words interchangeably.  such a simple tool—doesn’t matter whether it describes counting steps or your stride—just walk and let it count.

you can find info online with a tool called Pedometer Google Map.  check it out—-you can compare your pedometer’s actual count of your route with this tool for accuracy.

if you would like to take a walk using my pedometer before you buy one i would be happy to share it for about 6,000 to 10,000 steps—-come walk with me—-