your gym at home can be as small as you like or as big as you want—-it can be indoors or out–or both.  it can cost a fortune or “worked out” on a budget.  however and whatever WORKS FOR YOU should be your guide when selecting your home exercise equipment.  i would be happy to design a gym that fits your space and pocket-book.  in the meantime consider the following:   think of safety and realistic expectations.  many  people begin with the “biggest and the best” only to put it all on craigslist a few months from now.  so, first check craigslist—–   BUT even before you do that think about where you want to work out.  consider how much space you would like to attribute to your work outs.  what about storage????  and, especially think about what motivates you to move.  will you need music, will the den work or do you need a separate room, how about outdoors?, room for a friend?, videos, —-. 

what about hand-me-down equipment or my husband’s???  perfect— if you can adjust it to fit your needs, i.e. size.

as you know there is much out there in the way of exercise equipment.  a lot of it is fine but there are some things to definitely avoid–such as the ab cruncher(call if you need to know why).  i would suggest beginning with a basic plan such as the list below and add as you progress or in need of variety or new motivation.  the plan below can be used by the beginner as well as the seasoned exerciser. it can be used for many types of workouts, such as–endurance, interval, circuit, strength, flexibility, etc.   select the specific item based on the level you are at right now–not where you’ve been in the past or where you want to be. your local retailer will have good equipment that should last for years if properly maintained–well, your shoes really should be changed every 3- 6 months depending upon usage.

i know this list works because it’s one i’ve used for many, many years.  it’s fun to invite a friend along or turn on a favorite t.v. show.  i enjoy the energy and variety a gym has to offer along with the motivation from working out with others but working out at home has its advantages also.  i have had great success working out at home and hope you find the same.  it saves time and gas money—-especially at $3.59 a gallon!!!   with all your savings on gas you can afford a trainer to come show you how to effectively use your new gym equipment.   give me a call—-i’ll “run” over—-

basic exercise equipment list:

bike, treadmill, rebounder(see 10/12/10 post), aerobic video, swimming pool, your dog or good pair of shoes by themselves—some type of device that resources your “aerobic” or endurance mode.

hand weights–begin with 2 pounds if you’ve never lifted, then increase by 2 pounds(if possible,  may have to purchase in higher increments and i can help you adjust your workout if so)

stability ball or a bosu ball—these are great to have at home because they expand your potential for much variety in all areas of your workout.

exercise mat, proper shoes, fan and water bottle