barrett jones

i am a fitness instructor and yes, i’ve been heard to say “rest is good” because it is good. i don’t know if there is anyone that never sleeps but i know we all “take a break” or rests throughout our day.  in psalm 121 we read “he  who watches—-will never slumber nor sleep” and yet throughout scripture we read He rests, gives rest and recommends rest. 

we recommend rest in many areas of fitness.  a trainer will provide rest time between sets.  intervals of high intensity are alternated with those of low to provide for rest.  rest is included not only in interval training, but also in circuits, endurance, strength, flexibility, plyometric training, athletic, etc.   active rest involves exercising one part of the body while another part rests.  for example performing squats and then allowing the quadriceps rest while lying down for ab work.    rest is encouraged for all levels of training and all ages.  rest provides re-generation, motivation and reduced stress along with reduced risk of injury.  however, i’ve heard clients say they can’t rest because they may not start again—-   rest is good—-without rest clients are known to burn out. 

as a trainer and in my personal exercise regiment  i like to encourage rest whether during our exercise time or instead of exercise.  rest can be seen in the form of doing something different.  substitute exercise days for active days.  go for hike, ride bikes, swim, ski(my fav), go to the zoo, disk golf, work in the yard or in the house.  also, rest involves getting away from activity.  enjoy a game of cards, a good visit with friend or family member, a good book, movie or even a good, long nap.  awwwww—-big sigh,  invigorating just to think about that!!!!  rest is good

(picture above was taken by Tulsa World of barrett during football practice for an article about high school students needing more sleep.)