HDL, also called HDL-C can be increased with exercise—and you do want to increase it.  CHD(coronary heart disease) is the leading cause of death in American women(eapen et al.2009).  HDL gets rid of cholesterol which is why we want to have more of it.  according to an article titled “improving HDL cholesterol: how, why and now!, by dr. len kravitz, premenopausal women have higher HDL cholesterol levels because of higher levels of  estrogen.  menopausal  and postmenopausal women experience a drop-off in the praiseworthy effects of HDL cholesterol.  this article also presents the best strategies for raising HDL-C  levels:  aerobic exercise, diet, moderate alcohol intake(as opposed to heavy) and smoking cessation.  together these four strategies raise HDL-C for all ages of both men and women. aerobic exercise significantly  increases HDL-C and significantly decreases blood triglycerides.  i am ready to help you increase your levels of HDL-C.  let’s go——