this is one fun recipe.  i would prefer to share a brownie with you and let you guess what is in it after you taste how delicious they are.  my advice is to make these and not tell anyone the “secret” ingredient untill they comment how good they are and how filling—–

since i can’t give you a taste i will share the recipe.  so, have fun—rats i wish i would have posted on April 1st—–but, this is no april fool’s.

protein brownies:

blend one can of black beans until they are smooth.  Mix together with your favorite brownie mix.  Add one egg.  May add tsp vanilla, if desire. Nuts are good too!!!  bake 350 till done.    (i have seen protein brownie recipe that call for only smushed black beans and brownie mix.  i like to add egg for cake-like texture and more protein)