Glacier Confection chocolate purple gemstone heart

recently,  to be exact—on february 14, my husband surprised me with some wonderful chocolates—-they “were” beautiful and delicious.  they “had” a gemstone look and quality about them and the flavors “were” to exercise for~~~~~~he found them at Glacier confection in the brady district, downtown Tulsa.   i checked out their website where i found wonderful information such as the following:

  “Many of the ingredients used are actually powerful “super foods” that are packed with nutrients to fight off disease, boost your energy and keep you healthy, happy and balanced. Chocolate is naturally high in antioxidants and many scientists believe that the indulgent treat helps to combat cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels. The healthy chemicals in chocolate are flavinoids, a sub-group of polyphenols, widely believed to possess several types of health benefits. Flavinoids are found naturally in plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, wine, and tea. Dieticians now refer to chocolate as a “functional food” meaning it provides health benefits beyond its nutritional value.”

WOW,  wonderful information even chocoholic trainers love reading.   also, on their website is a video by the Hanson’s which shows how Glacier makes their chocolates—-right here in Tulsa. 

as with eating any healthy food, consumption in excess is no longer healthy.  Really– i’m not encouraging chocolate to boost my weight-loss business.  but, you can enjoy a bit occasionally and according to Glacier in the above quote  “boost your energy and keep you healthy, happy and balanced.”  if any of my Glacier chocolates were still around i would consider improving my balance right now—–