often a trainer will use testing as an essential first step to evaluate a client’s exercise needs.  fitness testing and evaluation can be a fun way to provide you with interesting information.  for some clients testing info is highly motivating, providing a means to assess fitness levels, set goals, identify areas of risk and to use as a standard of progress.  and, for other clients testing can actually be de-motivating; some see it as embarrassing and/or waste of time.  some people prefer all testing to be in the privacy of their own doctor’s office. some prefer their trainer providing their test but also want them to be carried out in a private setting.  check out the link http://www.acefitness.org/calculators/bmi-calculator.aspx. here you will find an explanation of body mass index and an online help in calculating yours.  i would be happy to assist you with this.  i can also provide you with a fitness evaluation measuring cardiorespiratory efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. it would take about an hour to test the various areas and i would provide a follow-up visit to discuss your results and provide a personalized exercise prescription. numbers are such a cool way to assess various exercise needs—let’s find your “important numbers”.