recently in discussing health with a client i told her that sometimes we have to find certain foods disgusting.  “i will not put that in my mouth!!!”.  consider what goes in—is it real food, what toxins are in it, how many calories, are the calories good calories, is this “entry” worth the effort, can my body effectively use what is going-in, do i really want this? REALLY??  sometimes we just have to preach to ourselves.

over thanksgiving and christmas you may have observed relatives and friends drink 5 extra soda pops(including diet drinks, some in one sitting), along with extra desserts and fun foods available november through december and left-over in january.  indulging is disgusting; “hoardrific” is my new word for times i’ve indulged beyond even the indulging limits.  if you have to indulge be a “big girl” and pay attention. count what goes in. discipline yourself.  allowing yourself an extra one of your favs(per season, per week, not day) is ok,  might it even be healthy? i believe so.  the body is made to handle extra just like its made to handle toxins–but we tend to overdo and still expect our bodies to handle all we are trying to “hoard” within it—disgusting!  preach it sister!! and then get to work–